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Master Saddler, Master Bridle Maker
Master Harness Maker, Master Saddle Fitter Registered Qualified Bridle Fitter


HR Saddlery also offers a range of leathergoods including belts, bags, cases and other boxwork. If you have an item that you would like made please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Leather Chess Set

    Leather chessboard set into a box lid with green baize lining and leather chess pieces

  • Bike boxes

    Boxes for an old motorbike, new boxes made from the example box

  • Belt

    Leather belts can be made in a range of different styles and various colours

  • Leather Bag

    This bag was made to the customers specification

  • Fishing reel box

    This fishing reel box was made to match the specification of the original box that a vintage fishing reel would have been kept in.


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