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Measurement Guide

A bridle can enhance your horse's head and show the horse off to it's best. To do this the bridle needs to fit correctly.

Fitting the bridle

  • The buckles should all do up on the centre holes
  • The buckles for the cheek pieces, nose head and throat lash should all be in line with the corner of the horse's eye
  • The bit should be sitting comfortably in the mouth and just making the lips 'smile'
  • The noseband should be firm for all types except a simple caverson where it can be a little looser, as this is only used for aesthetic purposes
  • If using a drop, flash or grackle noseband then this must be fitted no lower than the point of the horses nose so that it is done up on the bone rather than the soft cartilage
  • The throat lash needs to be loose enough to fit four fingers between it and the jowl, so that when the horse rounds on to the bit the throat lash does not interfere with the horse's breathing

Measuring the bridle

  • Please take all measurements in inches
  • The easiest way to measure is to use an existing bridle as a guide, fit this on to your horse so that everything is the correct length. Don't worry if the buckle is on the top hole on one strap and the bottom hole on another strap
  • Remember to include any changes to the existing sizes. i.e. If your cheek pieces measure 10" but you want them 1" smaller then write down 9"
  • Please download and fill in the Measurement Chart, please fill in all sections and if you are unsure about anything then either ring 07782 310649 or email for further advice

Download Bridle Chart

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