Stallion inhand bridle

Photo by kind permission of Joost van Wijk.

Thistledown Porsche wearing a Sec A Stallion Inhand bridle with clincher browband and whole wire buckles.

Show slip with coupling & lead chain

Aussi Nut leather show slip with coupling and lead chain. The coupling can be removed and the lead chain looped through the ring on the nearside and clipped onto the offside for added control if required.

Butterfly leadrein

Dark havana plain leather lead rein with hand loop and butterfly attachment

White web halter

White webbing halter and lead rein with brass fittings. The size can be adjusted by moving the webbing through the fittings. The lead rein runs through the loop on the nearside under the jaw to the offside and will apply some pressure under the jaw during use. A fixed version of this webbing halter is also available and has leather chapes where it attaches to the fittings.

Split reins

Split reins are used with a Pelham. Like pelham roundings they are used so that the rider only has to hold one pair of reins, especially useful for children. The split reins shown are dark havana plain reins, but they could be made with any type of rein.

Extending stirrup leathers

Extending stirrup leathers - very useful when out hunting if you need to remount without anything to stand on. Simply unhook the leather and allow it to drop down onto the webbing, once mounted hook the leather back up. This is a much quicker and easier method than adjusting the stirrup leather with the buckle.

Show Girth

White webbing show girth with leather buckle chapes.

Lampwick Humane Girth

White lampwick girth with humane girthing arrangement at each end.

Fetlock boots

Dark havana fetlock boots with brown fleece lining.

Side reins

Leather side reins with an elastic insert for use when lunging a horse or pony. They can also be made plain (i.e. without the elastic insert).

Lansdown Rugs

All the leatherwork required for this rug, roller and breastplate was undertaken by HR Saddlery. This rug was produced by Lansdown Rugs and awarded as a prize at Blenheim Horse Trials.

Headcollar leather

Dark havana headcollar with brass fittings

Foal slip

Dark havana foal slip.

Harness Bridle

Black harness bridle with patent leather winkers and facedrop, rolled winker stays and throat, brass ring front browband, lined and stitched noseband and lined cheekpieces.