Reins - Suede Covered

Suede covered reins offer extra grip to the rider, whilst remaining soft and comfortable for the rider to hold.

This photo shows a pair of dark havana suede covered reins.

Reins - Rubber Grip

Rubber grip can be either all the way around the rein or just along the inside of the rein. Both of these options offer extra grip to the rider and stoip the reins from being pulled easily through the riders hands. The rubber grips come in either large or small pimple.

This photo shows dark havana reins with brown small pimple rubber grips.

Reins - Laced

Laced reins offer the rider extra grip whilst still looking smart for both the show ring or dressage arena.

This photo shows dark havana reins with London tan lacing.

Noseband - Plain with flash

This photo shows a dark havana plain noseband with a flash strap stitched on. An alternative to this is to have a flash attachment which fits over the noseband and the flash strap threads through.

Noseband - Plain

A Plain noseband suits a large workman type head - for example a cob or hunter type. The width of the nose front can be altered to best compliment your horse's head.

This photo shows a dark havana plain noseband.

Noseband - Padded

A padded noseband will suit horses with a fine head, they are seen on a lot of dressage bridles. The colour of the padding can match the colour of the bridle or can be a contrasting colour.

This photo shows a dark havana noseband with brown padding.

Noseband - Grackle

A grackle noseband is used on horse's which cross their jaw. This is because the figure of eight construction means the horse is only fighting against it's self. Grackles come in two different styles - Mexican or English. The Mexican grackle has a ring by each eye that the straps are stitched onto, where as the English grackle sits lower and the straps pass through a loop on the nose head. Grackles are mainly used on jumping horses.

This photo shows a conker grackle with nickel clinchers and a fancy stitched pad.

Webbing halter - Leather detail

White webbing halters are used for showing inhand. The webbing can either thread through the side rings or be stitched into place.

This photo shows the leather detail where the webbing is stitched directly onto the rings.

Inhand fancy stitching

A raised noseband will suit a horse with a fine head and can be used for showing, dressage or jumping.

This photo shows a n auusi nut coloured noseband which is raised (gives the noseband a curved front) and has yellow fancy stitching. This is on an inhand bridle, but is also available on a riding bridle noseband.

Inhand bridle - Close up

This photo shows an aussi nut coloured inhand bridle with yellow stitching and brass crown buckles.

Inhand bridle - Close up

This photo shows an auusi nut coloured inhand bridle with yellow stitching, brass crown buckles, brass ring front browband, brass rosettes, lined cheek pieces and a rolled throat lash.

Headpiece - Padded

Padded headpieces are very useful for horses that are sensitive around their ears and poll. They can be straight padded or shaped to fit around the ears. The padding is directly against the horse's head and the straps then sit over the top of the padding.

This photo shows a dark havana straight padded headpiece. It has a loop at the top to hold the straps in place.

Buckle billet

Where the bit attached to the reins and cheek pieces they are referred to as the billets. These can be either hook stud billets or buckle billets. The hook stud billet always does up toward the horse and the buckle billet always does up away from the horse. The reins and cheek pieces should have matching billets.

This photo shows a dark havana buckle billet with a brass bridle buckle.

Browband - raised

As with the raised nosebands, raised browbands suit a fine headed horse or pony.

This photo shows a dark havana raised browband.

Browband - Chain

Browbands can have a range of different finishes depending upon the type of horse or the discipline in which it is competing. Brass browbands are usually found on driving bridles and stallions, especially inhand.

This photo shows a black browband with a brass chain link front.

Browband - Bling

Recently bling browbands have become more popular, they come in a range of colours. Please contact HR Saddlery to discuss your requirements.

This photo shows a black padded browband with purple bling.