Jessica Dressage

Since its launch on the 286 tree the Jessica has been a true winner. Designed to meet continual demands for a comfortable, affordable and functional dressage saddle, it has been met with constant praise. The primary advantage of this tree is to allow a wider gullet which allows freedom of movement and at the same time increases the bearing area in contact with the horse - giving more opportunity for horse and rider to realise their full potential.
Sizes; 16" 16½" 17" 17½" 18"
RRP: from £1295

Suzannah Dressage

We noticed that of late we were being repeatedly asked to make the same modifications to our dressage saddles, on further investigation and talking to our customers it became apparent that we were missing a sector in the dressage market. Well-schooled horses develop a back profile that necessitated a new tree design; here is the result - A serious saddle for the serious rider.
Sizes; 16½" 17" 17½" 18"
RRP: from £1390

Working Hunter

This ever-popular design is available with wool flocked or insert panels, and has the option of coming with point straps.
Sizes; 14, 15, 16½", 17", 17½".
18" Saddles are available on special request.
RRP: from £1110

Ramsey Show

This saddle was developed in conjunction with Marjorie Ramsay and is offered on general release with her kind permission. The saddle is designed to sit close to the horse by the use of very flat panels. Removable hook and loop fastening knee rolls are available on this saddle on request.
Sizes; 14" 15" 16" 16½" 17" 17½" 18"
RRP: from £1180

Finesse Show

This saddle has developed from our ever popular Ramsay show saddle, it has a tree more suitable for horses of a larger stature. The saddle is slightly bigger overall with more width to the seat, transferring the riders' weight evenly through a broader bearing area on the horse, but ensures a close and slim lined feel.
Sizes; 16½", 17", 17½", 18"
RRP: from £1260

Classic GP

The Classic saddle is produced with the younger rider in mind and offers tremendous value, we wish to encourage beginners to start with a safe sound saddle. These young riders of today could be the International Event riders of tomorrow!
Sizes; 14”, 15”, 16”, 16½”, 17”, 17½”
RRP: from £1075

1350 GP

This saddle was launched in 2006 on a new design of tree to suit well developed horses in full work. A multipurpose saddle with moulded knee-pads to ensure maximum comfort and control.
Sizes; 16½" 17" 17½" 18"
RRP: from £1373

1550 GPD

This saddle developed from the 1350 GP but provides a wider seat with all the benefits. It has ghost pad-lines to enable fold in the soft knee-pads to ensure comfort and security, it also has adjustable thigh blocks which are held in place by hook and loop fastening. The cut of this saddle means it falls between a General Purpose and a VSD.
Sizes; 17" 17½", 18"
RRP: from £1390

Event Standard Seat

The International Event, a true general purpose saddle, was first launched over 20 years ago and this design was quickly established as a 'best seller' and remains so to this day.
Sizes; 16" 16½" 17" 17½" 18"
RRP: from £1275


This Jump GP saddle presents a neat secure seat with hook and loop fastening knee and thigh blocks for added security. Ample panel ensures good even weight distribution and will suit many horses and riders in the Jump/GP market and fits particularly well on horses with a higher whither.
Sizes; 17", 17½" 18"
RRP: from £1390