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Isobel Dressage

Wintec Isobel Dressage saddle

"My saddle is one of the proudest achievements of my dressage career. I believe we have created the perfect seat for the rider and unprecedented comfort for the horse."
Riders will feel that they sit deeper and closer with seamless contact from their seat through the length of their leg for perfect connection and unparalleled comfort. The latest innovations in saddle design and technology give riders the confidence to drive their horse to realise their natural ability. World renowned Dressage Rider, Isabell Werth's high performance saddle. Supports a correct dressage position with an ultra narrow waist and deep seat. A seamless transition from your seat through the length of your leg offers ultra close contact. Ideal for use in all levels of competition and training. Innovations include adjustable ergonomic stirrup bar, adjustable Y-Girthing and flexibloc systems.
Sizes: 42cm/16.5", 43cm/17", 44cm/17.5", 46cm/18"
Approx. Weight: 5.59kg / 12lbs 5oz
Colours: Black & Brown
RRP: from £975

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