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All saddlery items need to be kept in good condition and regularly checked for safety and signs of wear and tear. It is best to do this during the cleaning of your saddlery items. You should check the stitching is sound and that the leather has not become cracked or thin, especially on the turns of the leather were the most wear and pressure is exerted. You should also check that all of the buckles and other fittings are secure and free from damage. Anything found to be requiring attention should not be used until it has been repaired, as if it breaks during use it could result in injury to either the rider, the horse or both. If you are unsure about any items or you would like Helen to check your saddlery items for safety please arrange to bring the saddlery items to the workshop to be assessed.

Repairs undertaken include:

  • Saddle – Flocking, reseat, new tree, new girth straps etc.
  • Bridle/Harness – Replacement fitting(s), shorten straps, replace keepers etc.
  • Guncases/Gunsleeves – Rebay, reattach or replace handle, chape(s) or strap(s), reinforce the corners etc.
  • Cartridge Bags/Boxes – Reline, reattach or replace handle or strap(s), rebind the edging etc.
  • Hunting Whips – Recover the body, reattach or replace the lash

Below are examples of the type of repairs undertaken by HR Saddlery.

  • Reseat Saddle

    Saddle stripped down and a new seat attached before reassembling the saddle

  • Bike Seat

    An old motorbike seat that needed the leather seat replaced. The old padding and metal frame were both reused

  • Cantle repair

    Cantle damage from dropping the saddle needed to be repaired to stop it from ripping further and so that the saddle looked tidy. A completely new seat could have put on, but to reduce the cost a cantle insert was used instead. This cantle insert was designed to match the rest of the saddle and made into a feature.

  • Guncase

    This guncase required new green baize, corner inforcements, a new handle, new handle chapes and new straps.

  • Race saddle

    Over time a hole has worn through the flap. A patch had previously been attached, but this too has worn through. A large reinforcement piece of leather has now been attached on both sides of the flap to give the flap some body.

  • Trunk

    This lovely old travelling trunk needed a new handle, new handle chapes, new straps, new lock cover and new edge binding.

  • Hunting Whip

    This is a common repair for hunting whips - the end loop needed replacing so that the lash could be attached.

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