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  • A microchip used to identify and protect your saddle.
  • Microchip tags are encased in high impact plastic for maximum strength and environmental resistance. Giving your saddle a unique tamper proof identity.
  • Overall dimensions of 18 x 4mm, smaller than a five pence piece!
  • Microchip number can be read by means of a radio frequency scanner by the police, Horsewatch officers and by the network of authorised Saddle-traC centres.
  • Saddle-traC can be fitted to all types of saddle, including Western, Side Saddle, saddles fitted with either Cair or Flair air flocking systems.
  • Owners details are maintained on a secure National Register.
  • Inclusion in this register for five years comes with the Saddle-traC package and can then be renewed for further 5 year periods.
  • Provided with an official registration document as proof of ownership.
  • Saddle-traC is governed by the Data Protection Act and no information whatsoever is disclosed for any purpose except to verify the legal owner to the Police or Authorised Personnel. Police, Horsewatch officers and authorised Saddle-traC centres can verify the registered owner of a suspect saddle.
  • Saddle-traC also operates a web based Lost Property Register to which all Police Forces and Approved Saddle-traC Centres have access to on a 24/7 basis. This service is free to all on the register.
  • A visible warning tag is included in the package - this can either be stitched onto the saddle or attached to the dee ring using the keyring included.
  • Saddle-traC retails at £19.99 and can be purchased as a complete pack to be fitted by yourself (instructions included) or fitted free of charge at HR Saddlery.
  • New saddles sold by HR Saddlery are eligible for a 25% (approx.) discount making the purchase price £15.00

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Click here for more information on the Saddle-traC.

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