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Side Saddles

Helen has a keen interesting Side Saddles and is a member of the Side Saddle Association often attending local Area Side Saddle events and training. She has recently taken up riding side saddle and hopes to be out competing side saddle next season.

Side Saddle accessories such as a 3-fold Girth, Balance Strap and Stirrup Leather can all be manufactured by HR Saddlery.

  • 3 Fold Girth

This Side Saddle was purchased as a project. It was stripped down to the tree and seat, the seat was in good condition and therefore did not need to be replaced. The rest of the saddle was then rebuilt with new leather to the original design. This side saddle has many interesting features, typical of the period. Including the handkerchief pocket on the offside skirt and the padded fancy stitched knee flap on the nearside. Below are some photos of the side saddle during the refurbishment. Please note one photo shows the side saddle on a pony before any work had started, it is too narrow for the pony and this is why it is tilting backwards.

  • Side Saddle ready for refubishment - near side

  • Side Saddle ready for refubishment - off side

  • New flocked seat

  • Leather seat stretched over the flocked seat and tree

  • Leather seat stitched onto the skirts ready to pull back onto the tree

  • Fixed head with leather stretched over

  • Fixed head with leather stitched and pulled on, showing fancy detailed stitching

  • The underside of the panel ready for flocking

  • The top of the panel ready for flocking

  • Completed Side Saddle

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