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Wide GP

Wintec Wide GP saddle

A wide saddle, specially designed to fit the cob or wider horse that delivers an unprecedented level of comfort in a wide saddle for the rider. Offers a close contact, central and balanced position for the rider, ideal for pleasure riding or participating in multiple disciplines. A modern, stylish Wide all purpose saddle that includes top performance features. Ideal for pleasure riding and participating in multiple disciplines. Performance materials ensure superior fit, comfort and stability. EASY-CHANGE Gullet System WIDE. Adjustable Flexibloc system enables the rider to individually tailor their thigh and knee support. Weatherproof & Durable.
Sizes: 40cm/16", 42cm/16.5", 43cm/17", 44cm/17.5", 46cm/18"
Approx. Weight: 5.82 kg / 12.83lbs
Colours: Black & Brown
RRP: from £475

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